Religion term paper

 Academic courses of religion are usually divided for convenience into the discussions of global religions; however, a separate course might be dedicated to a single religion. The major specificities include Early (integral) Christianity, Catholicism, Orthodox Christianity and Protestantism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shinto, Confucianism and Taoism, prehistoric and tribal cults (like shamanism and tribal magic), agnosticism and scientific atheism. Theology students are as a rule expected to dive into various periods of Christianity (from the Early Church to the Modern Christian movement and Scientology) most deeply.

 Religion courses have their own distinctive features, so there is a separate group of religion term papers that are normally assigned; as a rule, this group is composed of analytical term papers, comparisons of historical and theological perspectives (comparison/contrast term papers), argumentative term papers on various current issues, mainly bioethics, and personal experience term papers, which explore the writer's own religious insights and evolution of their own faith or agnostic/atheistic views.

 Papers on various aspects of religion require the use of specific terminology, depending upon the field addressed, and the thorough explanation of concepts upon which the religion is build. Finally, it is particularly beneficial to connect religion with the areas like psychology and sociology, as these sciences allow producing an all-inclusive account of certain phenomena or historical events.