Philosophy term paper

 Philosophy is a diversified humanitarian science with a long history, so it embraces practically all issues of human life. The major sub-areas of philosophy are logic, or methods of reasoning and evaluation of conclusions by the criterion of the presence of the basic cause-and-effect interrelation and ethics, or the abstractive and extremely dynamic code of conduct, or principles according to which individuals should live for the sake of peace and common well-being. The nature of things is studied by metaphysics, which includes a broad range of issues like the existence of God and the actual background of humankind. Finally, epistemology is focused on determining the genuineness of knowledge and its commitment to objective reality.

 Given the diversity of its scientific philosophy courses might require conceptually novel term paper types like application term paper or problem solving paper. For instance, tutors might assign utilization of a certain method of reasoning (e.g. Socratic questioning, induction and deduction, "a contrario" conclusions) or elaborate the task and pose a specific problem to be solved using the most appropriate method. Students often write critical commentaries and reflection papers, which appear particularly valuable in the area of philosophy that constantly needs new insights.

 When writing a philosophy term paper, it is important first and foremost to work with primary sources, i.e. it would be more reasonable and useful to avoid touching secondary several days after having read the primary ones, as insights are never brought about by others' interpretations of the reading assigned. When comparing philosophical views of several thinkers, the writer should carefully identify common criteria; for instance, when dealing with readings in epistemology, it is necessary to address each author's account of human perception and the algorithm leading from interaction with object to the development of knowledge.