Government term paper

 Government term papers are dependent on official information. They are based on documents, acts, and communiques that state the official position of government. Such term papers should be well thought over and objective to the extent it is possible. A term paper that elucidates the official position of government needs two things to be taken into account. First of all, no distortion of facts and documents is ever possible. Every position of the government should be properly cited and referred to in a list of references. Second, a writer should choose from the very beginning whether the position of government will be supported or, on the contrary, refuted. When the government is criticized, arguments should be logically reasoned, as well as counterarguments should not be limited on a selected number of sources.

 The main type of a term paper on government is the persuasive/argumentative term paper that is backed by official documents, statistical data, and available evidence. It may contain an element of contradiction to the official position, which needs careful outlining and arranging into verifying facts that can be found in secondary sources that refute the official position. For example, mere criticism of the Patriot Act is of no value without explaining the historical background of this document, changes to it, and willingness of the American administration to defend American citizens against terrorist attacks even by violating civil freedoms and rights. The cause and effect term paper analyzes mechanisms that resulted in the adoption of government documents and consequences, including short term and long term effects, of government decision-making. The critical term paper may be based on the reading of an article that defends or refutes the position of government. The comparison/contrast term paper analyzes similar acts and documents adopted by two or more countries.

 Government research paper topics are dry, precise, well quoted with reference to official documents, and are not critical for mere criticism.