Criminal Justice term paper

 Criminal justice is very controversial issue which is highly debated in various countries of the world. The point is that the very system of criminal justice sometimes turns out to be very unjust. The most persuasive examples of this injustice happen when it turns out that some innocent person was charged and punished for the crime of other person. This happens because of the imperfection of the criminal justice system.

 Therefore, criminal justice system aims the provision of secure life of law-abiding citizens of the country or some community, and ensures the just punishment to criminals. Exactly here we've come to the most debatable point: is criminal justice system in fact "just". And it is not only the question of corruption which is involved here. The fact is that criminal justice is tightly connected with law, which sometimes is controversial in itself, or allows finding some loopholes to avoid punishment. In the majority of case, therefore, the conviction or vindication of defendant depend on the quality of defense.

 However, criminal justice system aims common target: to provide quality crime prevention and control, reduce crime rates and increase security of citizens. This system includes institutions of detection, control, prevention (police); central institution - courts, where the destiny of the condemned is determined; and at last it is the correctional facilities which demonstrate the effectiveness of criminal justice system: convicted have the opportunity to reconsider their behavior and either become law-abiding citizens, or be isolated from the society. In the gravest cases the law makes provisions for the death punishment in some countries. This issue can be considered one of the most controversial: mistakes in the court can cost innocent life. The majority of countries have refused the implementation of death punishment, substituting it with life imprisonment. The most effective criminal justice term paper types can be argumentative term paper, evaluation and comparison term papers.

 Substance abuse is the scourge of modern times. It is a morbid addiction to harmful substances such as alcohol and narcotics. Globalization and extension of limits provide the humanity with new types of abuses such as computer addiction, gambling, etc. But drugs and alcohol remain the leaders in this list due to the simplicity of getting rather arguable satisfaction. Nevertheless, whole communities "die" of alcoholism and drug abuse. Of course, not always this implies actual physical death, but very often it is the barring of community development.

 In developed societies this issue is controlled by the government, because health of the nation is the pledge of its development. On the contrary, unhealthy people create the precedent of decadent societies. While alcohol use for the most part is not restricted in the majority of countries, drug usage with nonmedical target is already drug abuse, which is not allowed in by the laws of many countries. Of course, controversial issues can be found even in the question of what substances should be defined as harmful and thus should be banned by law.

 The issue of substance abuse is especially important in relation to adolescents. Debatable issues here include the following: whether it is better to allow adolescents drink at home with the family, so alcohol will not be forbidden fruit - or on the contrary, young will take to alcohol in such way; what measures should be taken to prevent adolescents' substance abuse; what substitutions to substances can be made and in what way they can be introduced. The effectiveness of drug and alcohol abuse treatment is also highly debatable issue; the most widespread opinion here is that much, if not everything, depends on the person, its will and desire to give up this deadly habit.

 The most effective term paper type for such research paper may be argumentative term paper, descriptive and especially narrative term paper - providing the moral of the narration.