Communication term paper

 The concept of communication has a lot of implications, but in any case it implies some exchange process between objects. Most often this includes the exchange of information either in verbal or nonverbal form. In order to provide effective communication, people should speak the same language; however, in some cases communication can be effective without words: thoughts can be transferred with the help of gestures, paintings, letters, etc. Globalization influences and touches upon the majority of issues today, but communication is the process influencing the globalization itself. Development of modern technologies makes the communication between people on different poles of the earth possible.

 However, certain issues exist which can be claims for discussion: language barriers, cultural differences, ethical standards of communication in different societies, and many others. Communication of some idea is central to the concepts of art, business, politics, economy, culture and so on. Argumentative, descriptive, comparison, evaluation, narrative are the primary types of essays that can be used to write a communication term paper.

 In its simplest form the process of communication is usually described as social interaction, where information is transferred from sender to receiver. For this they have to share the same system of signs (language, gestures) and similar communication rules. There are various theories and opinions concerning the process of communication which can be introduced into communication research papers; thus, it can be the claim of creativeness of this process as contrasted to the simple exchange. As far as language is a system of symbols created to simplify the process of information exchange, there were attempts to form artificial languages, understandable to some large groups: Esperanto, various programming languages etc. Finger language is also the process of information exchange; it belongs to communication system. Communication makes the world go round, and its norms greatly depend on the community itself.