Art term paper

 The concept of art is closely related to the concept of time. Different time periods, political and social orders, cultural trends and events create the base for various art works. Notion of "Art" is rather extensive and includes literature, painting, sculpture, architecture, music, photography, theatre, cinematography etc. This notion may be considered rather philosophical, as far as it involves stimulation of human thinking and imagination, making people see the world from another point of view. Often the value of works of art is debatable, and here esthetics is touched upon, which may be referred to as the measure of artistic value of the work. Therefore, for the most part this value is critically discussed by contemporaries of the creator; however, only time crosses one's t's, either remembering and praising an artist and his works, or putting him/her into oblivion.

 The most suitable types of term papers on art which are more likely to provide all necessary information on topic include:

  - comparison term paper: through differences and similarities of art works or their makers some debatable point about them comes to the foreground and acquires interpretation;

  - descriptive term paper is a wonderful way to demonstrate life and environments of the artist, which shaped his/her orientation in art and led him/her to this or that artistic style and form of expression; besides, the work itself can be discussed in such paper, again providing the history of its creation, major advantages and failures of the work;

  - Evaluation term paper is the most widely used type of term papers when writing about art, because it represents the critical evaluation of this or that work by the author of art research papers; underlines its importance and expresses author's opinion on this piece of work. The concept of art is controversial in itself, because of the variety of views among people various art styles (realism, romanticism, symbolism, impressionism, surrealism etc.) exist nowadays.