Accounting term paper

      Accounting is the sphere of accounts auditing and other financial documents preparation which reflects the actual state of affairs in the company. It includes cost accounting, managerial accounting, tax accounting, etc. Composite of the documents that demonstrate the company's performance in a systemized way is called financial statements. The most effective type of term paper on accounting which can be used to write a research paper is an argumentative term paper. Here the writer can demonstrate the most of his/her knowledge providing debatable thesis and supporting it with statistics, statements of experts in this field and so on. One can often use the elements of comparison term paper to write an effective term paper, by confronting opinions of two specialists in accounting. In the conclusion, provided claim should be stated again and should be briefly supported with evidence provided in the body of the accounting research paper. In case of theoretical accounting topic, it is suggested to use argumentative term paper, but for practical paper, evaluation term paper (company analysis) can be more preferable. Debatable claims can concern the role and effectiveness of use of internal and external auditing for the efficient performance of the company. Besides, system of double entry bookkeeping is interesting in this relation. It is reported to have been used since Middle Ages, and today this system is claimed to demonstrate better results than single entry bookkeeping. The point is that in the former each transaction acquires its entry in both debit and credit of different accounts. This system is considered to be more effective and reliable, as far as it allows reflecting the accuracy of transactions and find some mistake becomes easier. Usage of information technologies is also relevant in relation to the accounting nowadays.