Custom Term Papers Format Standarts

Each custom term paper produced by is a high quality product that follows the set of strict format requirements. Each custom term paper contains several supplementary pages, but the customers pay for Paper Body pages only.

1. Title Page

   Each custom term paper developed by has a separate title page (not numbered), which contains a title of the report developed by our writer.


2. Outline Page

   The title page of the custom term paper is followed by an outline page, which contains general data about the report, including a formal outline, foreword and definition of the research question (thesis).


3. Paper Body  

   Paper body contains the analysis and interpretation of the conducted research, which is followed by the conclusion paragraph.


4. Works Cited Page

   Works cited page contains all references that were made in the body of the paper. All papers developed by our writers use Modern Language Association citation style unless the customer chooses another style of citation.


5. Appendix Pages

   Diagrams, charts, tables and any other kind of supplementary information is placed on Appendix Pages in the end of report.