How do I order a custom term paper?

To order a custom term paper from us all you have to do is complete the order form and process the transaction through secure payment interface.

Do I have to pay for supplementary pages?

Customers pay for paper body pages only (please, see the sample custom term paper format here).

What are the payment options?

Currently we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and debit cards with the Visa and MasterCard logo. All transactions are processed through the secure payment interface of our payment provider InternetSecure Inc.. It is possible to arrange wire transfers for bulk orders (please, contact us for details).

Is it possible to receive my custom term paper in 24 hours?

Yes, the urgent delivery option is available. The pricing for an urgent term paper is $26.95/page.

Do you provide extra rush service (delivery in less than 12 hours)?

We do not provide this type of service as our company is concentrated on quality. We believe that 24 hours is the minimal time required for our writer to process an adequate research and provide the qualitative term paper.

Do you cover all topics?

Please, see the list of topics here. Our topics are not limited to this list. Please, contact us if you have any specific requests.

What is writer's ID?

Writer's ID indicates your preferred writer. Writer's ID is visible in the customers interface.

What does "specialized" within complexity field of the order form mean?

We have attributed several subjects in our list to "specialized" as they require additional research effort and strong competency from our writers. Here is the list of subject that are currently processed under specialized code: business, investment, company analysis, finance, accounting, legal issues, medicine. Please, put "specialized" on complexity field whenver you feel that your paper requires specific knowledge or extensive research.

What is web-interface?

Our technical specialists have developed the web-interface to facilitate the customer's cooperation with Global Intellect Inc.. By using our web-interface, you automatically get access to a number of features that enable our writers and administrators to response adequately and effectively to your needs and preferences. Using friendly and easy-to-use steps you will be able to:
- Review order description, delivery term and other information;
- Post messages to the writer & administrator;
- Upload the additional details related to the order;
- Receive notifications about the new messages directly to your e-mail;
- Review current progress of your order;
- Download the completed essay at any time;
- Request revision.

How do I use your web-interface?

You will receive the log in data as soon as your order is processed. Please, follow the link in the activation e-mail and read FAQ section of the interface for complete guidelines.

How can I send you the additional materials?

You will be able to send the additional materials:

a) through the interface (you will have log in data as soon as your order is processed):

Enter the interface using log-in data Click "My Orders" on the left to view the list of orders that you have placed at Custom-Papers.org. You will see the page that contains short description of each order. Find the order you need to upload the details for and click "Upload Details" link. You will see the Upload Details page shortly. Click "Browse" to select the files for download. Click "Open" as soon as you select the necessary file. Click "Attach" button on the left and wait while the file is attached. You can attach more files if needed - one file at a time. Click "Send" button as soon as all necessary files are attached.
via fax (1-416-981-8797). Please, clearly indicate your sales order number or e-mail address on a separate cover sheet.

How do I receive my custom term paper?

Shortly before the deadline you will receive the download link. Following this link you will be able to download the completed order through the interface. Once you download the completed order, a copy will be sent as an attachment to your e-mail address.

What about the specific sources?

If you would like our writers to use the specific sources, you have to mention them in details field of the order form. If the sources you require are not accessible to our writers (neither on-line nor in public libraries), you will have to send the specific sources via electronic mail or fax. In case you do not mention any specific sources, the right to choose the sources for an essay is granted to our writers.

Why are your prices so low?

The price for our service is much lower than that of the other Toronto writing services for 2 reasons. First, we employ writers via the Internet, coordinating their work quickly and effectively using our web-interface and other means of communication. Second, we require that our customers send us any supportive materials that cannot be found on the Internet. These two factors economize our costs, thus permitting us to deliver exceptional research at an affordable price. Yes, we do ask the customers to do a bit of work by sending us the materials, but this works for the customer, too.

Who is employed by your company to write the papers?

Custom Papers employs qualified professionals to write the papers. The majority of our writers hold diplomas in different academic fields. The combination of qualitative research and reliable support guarantees 100 percent customer satisfaction.

Are the term papers you provide written from scratch?

Yes, every term paper produced by Custom Paper is original and written from scratch. Each custom term paper is checked by the specially employed board of editors to avoid the possible cases of plagiarism.

What if I am not satisfied with the term paper I receive?

Custom Papers is concentrated on the absolute customer satisfaction. We are proud that the majority of our customers order custom term papers from us more than once. To this reason if you are not completely satisfied with the term paper you receive, we will provide the revision in the shortest possible time and at no charge. Your report will be revised as many times as it is necessary for your complete satisfaction.

How do I request revision?

In case you are not satisfied with your completed term paper, it is possible to request a revision. Log in to our web-interface, scroll down to completed orders and find the order that requires revision. Click "Request Revision" link in the bottom right corner. Post the comments for revision and attach the files with details if necessary, then click "Send". Please, note: Custom Papers will provide revisions only in case it is defined that the provided paper does not meet the description stated in the order form.

What about your delivery policy?

We understand your concerns when speaking about the delivery policy. This is why we always deliver the completed orders before the specified deadlines. Currently we offer 5 delivery options: slow delivery - completed within 14 days - $12.95/page; regular delivery - takes 7 days - $13.95/page; completed in 4 days - $15.95/page; fast delivery - completed within 48 hours - $21.95/page; emergency delivery - completed within 24 hours - $26.95.

What about your return policy?

Custom Papers does not offer refunds after the completed product is delivered to the customer. However, we will provide the revision free of charge and as many times as it is necessary for your complete satisfaction.